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Where Are You Going?

I heard a great quote from a dear friend at lunch yesterday.

“It’s like being on a cross-country trip, in a slow-moving car.”

I started Sword Lily Marketing, 17 days ago, with a vision of what my first few weeks would look like. Those vision didn’t include snow days, slow computers, holidays, unpacking boxes, cleaning off furniture or ordering supplies.

But we can’t be in our destination before we take the long -and sometimes tedious drive.

Don’t we often do that, want to rush to the end goal, the big pay-off of our time and effort and avoid the messy, boring drive. I am learning, if the hard way that we must take care to do the drive well. Yes, I do want the stellar website and the business that is taking off – to get there I will do the basics and the little things, like you would do for a road trip. You fill the car with gas, get your clothes packed, check a map or GPS, and most importantly decide on your destination.

Have you done the same thing with your business? Gotten excited and jumped in the car with just your idea and no plan. Where do you need to stop and ask for directions or even decide on the best destination for your trip?

Marketing is one of the things that gets lost along the way when it comes to small business ventures. You got into this business because you were passionate about having a great destination -such as a successful hair salon with super happy customers, or a beautiful photography business with the most scenic destination events or super cute kids on their milestones, or a catering business with many hungry stomachs full to the brim with your delicious fair. You can’t get there with just a vision -any more than you can get to San Francisco on a road trip without transportation.

And I am truly thankful for all the small businesses with passion because I will never cut my kids hair, they squint and dodge great photographs and my cooking is a little lack luster among other things that are not my sweet spot, but I can help you go back to doing what you LOVE and enjoy the view while I work the plan to help you get there.

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