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What Cookie Taught Me About Marketing?

Recently my family made, faux cookie dough, a recipe my daughter found online and had to make -she is 4 and had no idea that chick peas and cookie dough don’t belong in the same sentence. We made our ‘cookie dough’ – chick peas, cinnamon, syrup and rolled oats blended and mixed with chocolate chips. It looked like cookie dough, it even smelled like cookie dough but cookie dough -it was not.

If this was all you had, faux cookie dough was a tasty treat but next to real cookie dough -it would have paled in comparison. It was a lot like marketing, good verses great, well-planned marketing.

Good marketing has all the same elements – graphics, relevant content, information conveyed and a website with the basic details – the cinnamon, syrup, chocolate chips. Great marketing has clean graphics, timely content, researched methods and consistent look across multiple mediums – it adds the butter, sugar and eggs.

Great, consistent marketing is a big step up from faux ‘cookie dough’. And in the end, real cookie dough like great marketing strategies can both be baked into a tangible result.

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