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Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes…

First, how did it get to be January 31, 2018!?! It doesn’t seem possible, but I will say it has been a great month.

Sword Lily Marketing officially launched January 3, I have moved into my new office in my husband’s building, applied for and received the LLC, got a business license, created several great partnerships and the biggest of them all - began working with five wonderful clients in a broad range of business. This doesn’t even begin to touch all the calls I have made, businesses I have walked into and reintroduced myself (or made sure they knew I wasn’t the chamber lady anymore). It has been a whirlwind month – and not at all what I expected.

Isn’t that the way it always works? We plan but God decides our path.

My intentions for this month were to: finish out my website in great detail, put together all my own marketing materials, read the stack of white papers and material from other companies about the best practices for everything, but God knew what I needed this month – people & collaboration. And that is exactly what He brought me. I have had some of the best conversations, met or was reacquainted wi